Doing a Thing

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Since I re-scripted the first chapter I really wanted to have a scene where Gisela runs into some undead things, and leads into her coming to warn the town at this later point.  It gives you an idea of what the story is going to actually be about.

I also want to show how my style going forward will deviate from Lavender Legend quite a bit.  I want to do it all traditional, so that it has this gritty action feel to it.  Not that Emerald Winter is all action all the time, but it is definitely the comic where I get to  flex my fantasy muscles.

The meaning of High Fantasy vs Low Fantasy is something I think everybody has their own idea of, but in essence I want Emerald Winter to become that high fantasy “quest to save the world” story, while Lavender Legend remains a more microscopic view of a few people within a larger world.


Plans for Relaunch

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I’ve been talking about doing either a continuance or a second full reboot of Emerald Winter for a while.  Whether this happens or not, and what exactly it will involve, has not been firmly decided.  No dates are set.  Right now I’m just getting the site and archives into workable shape in the case that I do end up completing the current storyline.

I am interested in completing the current story, since there are 90+ pages of it and it would be a shame for that work to go to waste.  I don’t think the current story elements would conflict too much with what I had planned for the future in any case, so that may be what I do.

When I have a better idea of what I’m going to do, I’ll be able to post details and a date for this.